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Bryant Park Winter Carnival + Bar + Trivia = Something Special

Dear Trivia NYC Nation:

Winter Village Bryant Park 2016As part of our #SquadGoals of adding more trivia events to your calendar, we’re announcing a bunch of new quiz-nitiatives for your trivi-alendar this year.

There’s tons planned, but we’re starting with a real nice one.

Bryant Park has a long, odd history going back to the 1680’s. These days, it’s a gorgeous space, and their annual Winter Carnival has become a destination for anyone looking to squeeze a good time out of their New York City winters.

We’re here to help with that. On Friday, February 5, we’re going to be holding two quizzes at the Winter Brew House, in Bryant Park. These quizzes will spotlight New York City: its history, its famous residents, so much of the cool stuff that’s happened & is happening here, and its landmarks. We’ll have a bunch of special prizes to give away. You will not want to miss this.

The two quizzes will be a little shorter than our usual fare, but you can certainly play both of them. One’s from 7:00 to 8:00pm, and the next one is from 8:00 to 9:00pm. The quizzes are different, so you can stay the whole time, but we understand if you can only make one half or the other.

Maximum 4 players per team, because of table size. It’s just that kind of a place. If you’re thinking of coming solo, come on out! “Free agent” teams often win, for all kinds of reasons.

Come, have a drink or three in a truly unique setup, and enjoy a quiz unlike any other you might ever see. We’ll be livecasting the whole thing, but you’ll want to be there in person. It’s free to play, but the memories will last long after the flowers have returned.

So, to recap:

Bryant Park Winter Carnival Brew House Trivia
Friday, February 5

7-8pm / 8-9pm (two quizzes!)
Details at WinterVillage.org



Loading Up For 2016

!!TNYC LogoGood newest of years, trivianauts!

It’s already a good year. The sun is (mostly) out, there’s so much quizzing to be done this year, and we’re coming up with so very many more ways to bring it to you.

Couple things to watch out for for right now. Okay, three things.

1. The new Quiz Cup of New York is coming, with bigger prizes and more spectacle. Our first foray into a city-wide competition last year went so well that we realized we needed to do this right. Start assembling your teams; details are coming shortly.

2. The Sixth Annual Trivia Championships of North America is August 12-14, 2016, at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. Sign up now for just $169 for the whole weekend! (And book your hotel now as well. Through this special link, it’s only $255 total for three nights, while rooms last!)

3. And while you’re waiting for everything to go down, why not listen to Casual Misandry: The Bicoastal Ladies Experiment, a new podcast hosted by Jamie Rosler & Kristy Tye. That’s the first podcast in the Quizzing North America Podcast Network, and there’s more in the pipe.

We grew in some crazy directions with this trivia thing last year, and now we’re pruning some branches and turning this tree into the bestest treehouse (Trivhouse? Ehh, not quite) in the whole world. We’re happy to have you enjoy our ever-stronger boughs.

Gael Pub Trivia – A Letter To The Players

Gael Pub - Sign 2Hi, y’all.

Adam, Theresa & I are honored and thrilled to be given the keys to Tuesday Trivia at the Gael after Pete did such an amazing job. If we can hold up our end of this whole operation in the way you-all have become used to, we’ll be thrilled. I think you’ll like some of the things we have in store in the coming weeks. You’ll still recognize it as the trivia you’ve come to love, but if you have any suggestions about how we can make trivia better for you, let us know.

Tonight’s Categories:

  1. On This Day In History
  2. Fire (for National Fire Prevention Week)
  3. Censored Audio Clips
  4. Everybody Gets a Trophy
  5. Classic movie stills
  6. Before & After
  7. Our Final Countdown Question

Drink Specials?

A couple of things may change, but some things, like booze specials, are what made this country great.

$14 Miller Light pitchers, $3 SoCo Lime shots? A round of shots for Best Team Name? Sounds good to us.

And “buy a pitcher or shots for the table, and get a ticket good for one free point”? You got it. (One note: Last week was our first week, and we didn’t realize that the pitcher-point rule was good for only free point ticket per round. Eh, you got us.)

Don’t forget, Happy Hour goes until 8pm with $4 drafts, $5 well drinks, and $5 glasses of wine. Come early to get a good table, and remember to TIP YOUR STAFF WELL. Trivia is not a normal night, and the staff at the Gael are really good. We’d like them to stay and keep being great for us. Be generous with them, and they’ll be generous with you.

Other Prizes

Aside from the $100 gift certificate for first place (Yeah, $100! I know, right?), we’ll also be giving away a Best Team Spirit award, and a Best Handwriting/Answer Sheet Art award. We have DVDs, books, toys and other prizes from some great sponsors, and we’d like to hear and see your enthusiasm. I mean, having fun is kind of the point, isn’t it?

Requests & Feedback

Like we said up top, bar trivia for us is serious fun. We’re new to hosting at the Gael, and we want to make sure you have as much fun with us on a Tuesday night as possible. We’re proud of our work and our history, but I want to make sure you’re happy. If you have any suggestions, ideas for rounds, shoutouts, or anything else, do let us know.

The Gael Pub is on Facebook, Yelp, CitySearch and Foursquare/Swarm.
TriviaNYC is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and there’s a website with all the details.

One thing we like to say: If you like what we’re doing, then please, tell someone. If you don’t, please, tell us.

Holiday Parties

Does your company want to throw a holiday party with a twist? Does a trivia friend have a birthday coming up? We’ll put together a customized trivia party for you & your office or posse, with questions geared specifically to you, for not a lot! Let us know.

I think that’s it for this week. Thanks for letting us do our thing for you every Tuesday. We start at 8:30pm, but come early to catch Happy Hour and grab a good table. We’ll see you tonight!

Adam, Theresa & Tony

Trivia NYC Running Club?

TNYC Athletic Club Logo 2 - BW-smQuestion for quizzers who run, which is a group I’m slowly realizing includes quite a lot of us:

We’re tossing around the idea of starting a TNYC running club (or at least printing up running shirts to that effect).

1. Would you, or anyone you know, want to at least grab a shirt, if the design looked good? (We’d have no dues, past buying a shirt and wearing it in public).

2. Are you interested in maybe running the occasional 5k/10k/half/mudder/whatever as a group? We could talk this out, and it could be as organized or not as we see fit. Early days and all that.

3. If we had a “running team” of some kind, what would it be called? The TNYC Run Club? The Fast Thinkers AC?

Unless reaction to this is crazily negative, we’re going to go ahead with it in some form. I just want to make sure you’d be interested and we’re not missing anything major.

Like Larry King says: YOUR THOUGHTS?

Our Awesome Sponsors: GSN’s The Chase

If you’ve been to any of our weekly nights the last few weeks, you’ve seen people waving hand fans, playing with pens that have mazes in them, drinking from possibly insulting pint glasses, or sporting t-shirts with some big bloke’s head on them. (If you haven’t been to any of our weekly nights lately, come back! We miss you.)

That’s the work of The Chase, a show on the Game Show Network hosted by Brooke Burns and starring Mark “The Beast” Labbett, an eclipse of a man (6’7″ or so, I’m guessing close to 400 pounds) who knows an awful lot of things about an awful lot of things. He’s English, which gives him a natural advantage when it comes to sounding authoritative about everything he talks about, and he’s a former rugby player, which means he’s not really one for retreat. (Out of character, he’s a great guy, but in character, well, he’s beatable, even if I’m just typing that to piss him off when he Googles his name.)

The premise is fairly simple: three contestants (in the American version; four in the U.K. original edition) work together to amass a pot against the Chaser. If he catches you in any of the show’s segments, you go home empty handed. But if not, well, there have been prizes into the six figures for some players, which is pretty solid for a basic cable game show. Labbett wins about two thirds of the time. (There’s an app, where you can play along and get a feel for the game.) And the last five minutes of the show, the Final Chase, is always absolutely riveting television.

This week, they debuted a the puppet version of The Beast, which is slightly less intimidating than the real deal, but that’s probably not the worst thing. Check it out:

Host Jamie & I both went over to London to shoot the pilot a couple of years ago, and I’d like to think that’s why The Chase is now one of GSN’s big hit shows. (They’re currently casting for their fourth season. They’ll be in NYC on September 20. Go sign up, fergodsake. It’s free money.) It’s certainly helped our little outfit become the titanic trivia operation it’s become.

Anyway. Thanks to GSN and to the nice people at The Chase for being so great and for fighting the good fight against dumb television. Watch it every Tuesday at 8pm ET (7 Central). It’s ace.